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Combustion Heads

OEM Burner parts can supply you with a new Gordon-Piatt® combustion head. When replacing the head, you may also wish to replace the gas orifices, pilot assembly, swirler, and combustor (if applicable).


When Gordon-Piatt® was discontinued, the original factory never sold their sales records and material lists. When you contact us to order a new combustion head, we'll be asking a lot of questions.


  • What is the 10 digit part number on your combustion head? This will be on a foil sticker on the combustion head. If you have the original documentation that came with your burner, it will be listed on the material list.
  • If you are replacing the gas orifices we'll need to know the part number (or length) and drill size.
  • If you are replacing the air swirler we'll need the part number listed on your material list.
  • Some burners are built with a combustor. A combustor is a cone shaped piece that is welded or bolted to the end of the combustion head. If your burner has a combustor, it will need to be replaced when you buy a new combustion head.  The part number of the combustor will be listed on your material list. We may also be able to help identify yours if you can provide a sketch with dimensions.




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